Oct 2014 : Best Practices in Media Accountability: Key levers for quality management and corporate social responsibility

Workshop programme
Macau, Oct. 25th, 2014

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

Participants : Executives of Media Companies looking for a practical insight into quality and CSR management best practices

I – Introduction : definition and overview of quality & CSR best management practices worldwide (9:00-9:30)
Speaker : PhD MBA Dhanistha Panyasak, Senior Consultant, Challenge Optimum SA

II – Key levers of quality and CSR management (9 :30-10 :00)

I.1 – Voluntary standards :
Cross-industry standards : ISO 9001 and ISO 26000
Media specific standards : ISAS BCP 9001, GRI Media Supplement, CSR handbook
I.2 – Committing international standards
: M. Eng. David Balme, CEO, Challenge Optimum SA

III – Lessons learnt from Thai PBS & TF1 (10 :15-11 :30)

II.1 – Legal basis
II.2 – Stakeholders analysis
II.3 – Quality management and CSR reporting structure
II.4 – Quality and CSR performance assessment
Mr Anothai Udomsilp, Director of Thai PBS Academic Institute of Public Media
M. Eng. David Balme, CEO, Challenge Optimum SA

IV – Debate (11:30-12:00)

V – Conclusion (12:00-12:15)

VI – Workshop (14:00-17:00):
« What are the key success factors (already existing or needed) your company can rely on to build a comprehensive and sustainable CSR reporting mechanism to the general public ? »

Participants : Media companies executive directors

Downloads :
ISAS BCP 9001 Standard
ISAS BCP 9001 Guidelines
GRI Media Supplement
ISO 26000 Standard

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