May 2016 : Quality Management in Media Corporations: New Requirements and Benefits

Media corporations, unlike any other company, have to satisfy two kinds of customers with potentially contradictory expectations : audience/readership and advertisers. Some of them even have to satisfy governmental expectations and/or requirements which add another layer of complexity in the production of contents. Those of them which aim at providing news to the general public are constantly threatened by biased editorial production due to the number and complexity of interactions with their stakeholders. Some key aspects of topicality necessary to forge public opinion may be simply hidden for untold reasons. Consequently, in order to help media corporations achieve editorial independence while serving the public interest, media professionals from all over the world have brought together their management know-how in a set of duly selected media specific requirements gathered in the so called ISAS MEDIA9001 standard, entirely based on ISO 9001. These requirements stand for the current best management practices so as to not only produce high quality news but also ensure long term sustainability of the media while aiming at serving the public interest.

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