Certimedia Network

Certimedia Network entails companies as well as individual partners. The most important element is the aptitude of each Network member to analyze and understand the proper management system of each media company he/ she is dealing with. High level training in ISO 9001 and ISAS BCP 9001 is another condition to enter the Network, as well as a good knowledge on media organization and production.

Companies members

The Asian-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) offers various capacity building activities, consultancy services, conferences and seminars, training manuals and publications on broadcasting challenges. Its mission is to encourage regional dialogue and cooperation in electronic media policy in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to assist its members to meet their developmental needs, above all in human resource and IT development. AIBD is Certimedia privileged partner in the Asia-Pacific region.
IMCA (International Media Consultant Associés) is a consulting, analyse and expertise society, dedicated to communication. Its clients are television and radio channels, producers, press enterprises, multimedia groups, private and public institutions. IMCA is based in Paris, has an office in London and clients all over the world. Its main activity is consulting in media content (programming, coaching, scheduling, etc.).
Four-D Consulting
Four D is a consulting company, based in Bangalore, India. As an expert in quality management – among other specialities – Four D is Certimedia historical platform in India.
“Four-D provides systems consulting, training and due-diligence to expansion phase companies around the globe. Our focus is to help organizations do business better by placing emphasis on sustainable practices, smarter use of people power, value addition through waste reduction and leaner, streamlined system design.We are known for our ability to provide training and business process solutions across the industry spectrum”.
Accademia Qualitas
Accademia Qualitas is a private Canadian company dedicated to training in management. It draws on the vast experience of its founders in national and international standardization activities, particularly in relation with the ISO 9000 standards. Accademia Qualitas offers a broad choice of courses and training sessions, including on-line and interactive cybercourses, such as the one on ISAS BC & P-9001. Accademia Qualitas chairman is Pierre Caillibot, who leads ISAS BC & P-9001 Standardization Committee.
Dong Bei
Dong Bei is the first member of Certimedia Network in China. BAsed in Shanghai and founded by Chinese professors in communication, Dong Bei joins academic know-how and practical experience to offer a platform to Chinese media companies wanting to improve their organization and implement a quality management system.

Individual partners

Vishnu Wahyudi, Jakarta, Indonesia Lead auditor ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, auditor ISAS BC and P 9001

Koushik Maitra, New Delhi, India Lead auditor ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, in training process in ISAS BC and P 9001

Sun Henri, Beijing, China