How to be sure that your partner is reliable? How to know about the quality commitment of the media company your are dealing with? How to prove to your investors you are the right partner? The certification is a way to get an international recognition of your compliance with quality management standards requirements. Besides, the certification is often a required condition to deal with foreign partners, announcers and authorities.


We help you prepare adequate international certification for media industry, i.e. ISAS BCP 9001 for radio, television, Internet and print media, the ISO 9001 certification being included in ISAS BCP 9001. We can also guide you by the implementation of various other standards (see our detailled field competencies). By successfully passing the certification exam by independent and accredited certification body, your company will receive a 3 year validity certificate, renewable.

Our added value

Challenge Optimum SA – of which Certimedia is a department – has a long experience in preparing companies to various certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISAS BCP 9001, etc.). More than 100 client companies were already and successfully certified with our help. All our senior consultants are lead auditors in their specilization field and accredited by ISAS – International Standardization and Accreditation Services (www.isas.org). We are among the few certification bodies accredited as such by ISAS. Due to our long cooperation with the Media and Society Foundation (www.media-society.org) and to our participation to the certification audit of the first media companies ever ISAS BCP 9001 certified, we provide you with enriched expertise and benchmark observations.

Download an example (fictive one) of certification report