Operating and maintaining a management system can turn into a major error prone and heavy-duty activity if no appropriate software is implemented to sustain the continuous improvement system of the company.
Imagine for instance that you update manually all procedures dealing with a specific responsibility that was changed so as to stick more precisely to the company’s objectives.

  • How many documents should be updated?
  • How to make sure that all documents, procedures, work instructions will be updated?
  • How to be sure that all the persons concerned with these changes will be advised?


Certimedia provides your company with Click-N-Manage® software tailoring, adaptation and optional outsourcing so as to match perfectly your specific needs.

Our added value

Taking into account our long time experience in the quality management field and our knowledge of media management, our designers have created the dedicated Click-N-Manage® software. The Click-N-Manage® software mainly allows you to know at every time what must be done, know anyone’s duties, provide the staff with all recently updated operational documentation, record any non conformity filled form or customer claim, manage indicators, manage risks, automatically update the documentation system.

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